Panix PPP: Internet via Dialup

Panix PPP service lets you use Web Browsers, Email readers, Instant Messaging, and all the other Internet software you may have over a dialup connection. It also includes a vast array of features and safeguards, and a Full Shell Account with direct login to our Unix servers.

Panix PPP Service:
$32.50/month ($325/year prepaid)
If you are looking for dialup directly to your shell, rather than dialup to the Internet (whence you can enter your shell account via ssh or telnet), please consider our Inet shell service.
PPP Service includes:

Prices listed are for the complete package, regardless of whether you opt to use all features included. Services and resources cannot be shared among accounts unless otherwise stated.

All Panix accounts are subject to the terms and restrictions found in The Panix Rules of Use. Some accounts and features may be subject to additional restrictions; see The Panix Policies page for details.

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