Mail Boxes

Most of our services include some form of email access, but if all you need is one or more individual mail accounts, we can provide that as a standalone feature in the domain or in your own domain.

Mailboxes in your own domain are available with all Web hosting services (including Cheap-web). Mailboxes in your own domain are also available if you use our Forwarded Domain service.

Mailboxes are not available in the domain (except those included with a shell account). Individual mailboxes are available in the domain.

Individual users, or corporate users authorized to handle accounting for their accounts, can manage aliases and mailboxes via our secure server.


Mailboxes in your domain can be bought either in blocks of 10, or individually. You can't buy some blocks, and some individual boxes.

Blocks of 10 mailboxes, each with its own address and password, are $20/month ($200/year prepaid).

Individual mailboxes, either in your domain or in, are $5/month

Included Features

All Panix accounts are subject to the terms and restrictions found in The Panix Rules of Use. Some accounts and features may be subject to additional restrictions; see The Panix Policies page for details.

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