Installing WordPress on Panix

Following these instruction as written will install WordPress in your web space - either in the top level (the default) or a subdirectory of your choosing. Throughout these instructions

• Due to the way WordPress handles and stores URLs, you must choose either personal web space or a site in your domain when installing WordPress. A WordPress site cannot be accessible from both.
• The web address for blogs in your personal web space will be:[subdir]
• The web address for blogs in your domain will be:
• If Panix has already installed WordPress as part of your web service setup, skip to step 5

The steps:
  1. If you don't already have a MySQL database, create one at using your web maintenance account as the login. Alternatively, you can ask us to set one up for you by sending mail to If you already have a MySQL database at Panix, you can use it for WordPress, too.
  2. Log into your Panix shell account.
  3. Change directories into your web space:
    • Customers with websites in the "" domain:
    cd public_html
    • Customers with their own web domain, depending on the age of your account:
    cd corp-web/yourdomainname
    cd webspace/yourdomainname
  4. Run the installwp script:
    /usr/local/bin/installwp [subdir]
  5. In your web browser, visit
    • Customers with web sites in the "" domain:[subdir]
    • Customers with blogs in your own domain:
    Select the language for your blog and click 'Continue'
  6. Tell WordPress about your blog. You will need to give it the following information:
    • Depending on how your database was set up, you may need to tell WordPress the hostname, database name, database password, and an optional table prefix.
    • What language to use.
    • Site Title - the title of your blog.
    • Username - this is the username you will use to log in to your blog and make changes.
    • Password - this is the password you will use to log in to your blog. This should be different from your Panix password. Make one up.
    • Your Email
    • Search Engine Visibility - do you want to discourage search engines from indexing your site?
  7. Click 'Install WordPress'
  8. Click 'Log In' to begin editing your blog
  9. You can get help online if you need it at

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