Web Pages in the www.panix.com domain

Panix offers a personal Web page free with every single-user account we sell. Your Web files count towards your disk usage on Panix, and you get 10 GB in free traffic ("hits") on your Web site per month.

(Additional disk space and/or hits in excess of 10 GB in a month are subject to extra fees. See Shell Add-ons for details.)

Your page will be on the Panix webserver, in a directory matching your username. (For example, if you're "somebody@panix.com", your Web page will be "www.panix.com/~somebody/".

Can I have my own domain name?
Sure. But then your web page isn't in the www.panix.com domain. Check out the web pages in your own domain section.
How do I set up my personal web page
To set up your page, type charlotte at a UNIX shell prompt on Panix.
Charlotte will create a base web space for you on the Web server, and create a link to it in your home directory called webspace so you can get there easily. webspace/personal_web is your personal web directory.
How do I upload files

Now you can upload your Web files into the webspace/personal_web folder. To protect the security of your account, Panix recommends using Secure FTP (a module of Secure Shell) to do this. You can obtain an SFTP program here: Filezilla Note: if your account is older, you may not have a 'webspace' symlink. In that case, you should find a 'public_html' link to use.

Most Web design software can publish using (s)FTP, or you can download a pure FTP program like SmartFTP (Windows) or Fetch (Mac) for free.

Whichever type of client you choose, your destination host will be shell.panix.com using your Panix username and password; once you are connected, locate the public_html directory, and put your site files in that directory.

Remember, your main page should be called "index.html" or "index.htm"!

You can run CGI scripts in Perl or shell, and even compile CGI programs in C or C++ if you like. (Compiled CGIs must be compiled on the shell.panix.com NetBSD machines; panix5.panix.com often runs newer OS versions, and CGIs compiled there may not work on the Web server.)

If you have questions about our personal web service, please send email to staff@panix.com. Information can also be found in the newsgroup panix.user.html and in the Panix Web Frequently Asked Questions list.

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