Setting the MAILDIR Variable

One important variable is MAILDIR. This is the default directory for procmail. If you set MAILDIR and then simply name a folder in your recipes, that folder will be in the directory you specify as MAILDIR.

(By the way, we know it's confusing. There's this "MAILDIR" (the variable procmail uses); there's your .maildir directory (which is a symbolic link from your home directory space to the server where your mail is actually stored), and there's "maildir++", which is the format our mail server uses for mail.
Sorry about that.)

If you want to save your mail to folders that are visible from webmail or IMAP, you should set MAILDIR to $HOME/.maildir, like this:

If you want to save your mail to the mail directory in your home directory space (which is the default for Pine), you can specify
You can override your MAILDIR setting in any recipe.
For instance, if you want most of your mail saved to your "mail" directory but your spam to your webmail/IMAP Trash folder, you can set MAILDIR=$HOME/mail and then specify TRASH=.maildir/.Trash/ separately. Or you might want most of your mail saved to $HOME/.maildir (so that's your MAILDIR setting), but not mail from one particular address, which you want to save to a special file.

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