SpamAssassin and the New Mail System

If you don't know whether you're running SpamAssassin from procmail, here's how to check:
The standard Panix installation puts this line into your .procmailrc file:

In Panix's mail system, you can continue to run SpamAssassin from procmail, or you can run it from webmail. (If you started using SpamAssassin before we introduced webmail, you are running it from procmail.) Procmail is more flexible, but it's much harder to use. If you'd like to switch, here's what you have to know:
First, addresses allowlisted (protected from SpamAssassin) in procmail will not be protected from webmail's SpamAssassin. You can either
• Continue to use procmail's Spamassassin.
•Add those addresses to the allowlist in webmail's SpamAssassin
Either way is fine.
Second, it's not useful to run both versions of SpamAssassin, so if you decide to turn on SpamAssassin in webmail, you should turn it off in procmail. If you don't use procmail for anything else, you can disable it entirely by turning off forwarding. You can do this by logging into and deleting your .forward file entirely or renaming it (to, say, ".forward.old").
If you've been using procmail for other things too, but want to move to webmail's SpamAssassin, you can remove it from procmail. If you have a standard Panix procmail, just edit your .procmailrc file. Look for this line:
and change it like this:

To get to the SpamAssassin page in webmail, you click the Options link at the top of the page.

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