SimpTerm is a simple and efficient telnet program, to use when accessing shell accounts, MUDs, etc. from your Panix Dialup-IP connection. Following are a few tips to configure SimpTerm for Panix.

Before You Connect:
When you start SimpTerm for the first time, there are a few settings you will need to change for it to work well with Panix. These settings are found in the Options menu, under 'Terminal'.
Establishing a New Connection:

Now click 'OK'. SimpTerm will connect you to the remote host, and you can log in normally.

Customizing Your Emulation:
The Options menu gives you many ways to customize your SimpTerm sessions. Essentially, anything not mentioned here can be tweaked at your leisure. Changes will be saved automatically the next time you exit your SimpTerm session.

NOTE: There seems to be a bug in SimpTerm for Windows 3.1 which causes the program to crash if you tell it to connect to a port other than the standard. This bug does not occur in the Win95 version.

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