Web page Inquiry and Control Features

Command line options for seeing web-transfer logs

To see how much data is being transferred from your web page, you can log into the secure server at config.panix.com/shell and navigate Setup tools -> Web transfer report, or you can run getclogs or getlogs from the command line (in your shell account). (The getclogs command provides the data in Common Log Format, which is useful if you want to run the data through most data analysis programs.

How does Panix bill for tranfers?

Panix calculates transfers used for a 1 month period based on your billing date. For example, if your bill day is the 14th, the transfer amounts used at bill time will be those accumulated starting after billing is run on the 14, up until your next monthly bill. Transfer totals are reset to zero at billing time. Transfers over the 'allowed free' amount for your service type are rounded up to the next GB.

Limiting transfers

Panix will send an email to the technical contact email address for your shell service when your usage exceeds 90% of free transfers, and again once you have exceeded your free transfers. If, upon receiving such an email, you wish to temporarily cut off transfers, you may do so by adding the line Require all denied to an .htaccess file at the root of your website(s). You may also choose to limit only certain subdirectories by placing the .htacess file there.

For more information on custom access controls for your site, please see the documentation at Apache Access control.

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