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There are many US Immigration visas. This table lists most of the non-immigrant visas. Permanent Resident visas do not appear in this table.

These are not the official description of these visas. The descriptions and comments are simplified and generalized. This table should not be relied upon for legal precision. Look at other pages of this site for more complete descriptions of non-immigrant visas.

The author makes no warranties and assumes no liability resulting from the use of this table or any of its content.

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Non-Immigrant Visas

ADiplomatic VisaIssued through diplomatic channels
B-1Business VisitorEntry for 30 to 90 days is usual
B-2Visitor for Pleasure (Tourist)Entry for 6 months, can be extended for 6 more months
CTransit VisaPassenger making connecting flight
DCrew MemberAir and ship crews
E-1Treaty TraderMust be national or citizen of country having treaty with US
E-2Treaty InvestorMust be national or citizen of country having treaty with US
E-3Australian Professional WorkerMust be citizen of Australia
F-1StudentFull time student, school must issue Form I-20, student must show no need to work
F-2Family of student 
GDiplomat: International organizationUN and similar organizations
H-1ARegistered Nurse 
H-1BSpecialty Occupation (Professional) Authorized to work for petitioner only
H-2ATemporary Agricultural Worker 
H-2BTemporary WorkerFor jobs that will last less than one year
H-3TraineeFor company training programs, not for schools
H-4Family of H visa holder 
IJournalistFor news media of any type
J-1Exchange VisitorSome J visas require holder to live outside the US for 2 years before changing to another visa status
J-2Family of Exchange Visitor 
K-1FianceFiance of US citizen. Must plan to marry within 90 days of entry to the US
K-2ChildChild of fiance of US citizen. Allows children accompany the K-1 fiance to the US
K-3FianceSpouse of US citizen allowed to enter the US to complete the processing for a resident status while in the uS.
L-1Intra-Company TransferInternational executive or specialist
L-2Family of L-1 
MVocational StudentNon-academic student
O-1Extraordinary AbilityScience, Arts, Business, Athletics
O-3Family of O-1 visa holder 
P-1Athlete or Recognized Entertainment Group 
P-2Artist or Entertainer in Reciprocal Exchange Program 
P-3Artist or Entertainer in Culturally Unique Program 
P-4Family of P visa holder 
Q-1Cultural Exchange Program 
R-1Religious OccupationMust be full time religious worker for the two years before applying;
R-2Family of R-1 
S-1Supplier of information in criminal investigation 
S-2Supplier of information in espionage case 
TVictim of forced labor or serious exploitation 
T-2Family member of T visa holder 
TNTreaty NAFTA, a visa issued according to the North American Free Trade Agreement 
TDTreaty Dependent (NAFTA), a visa issued to a family member of TN visa holder. 
UVictim of domestic violence or other specified crime 
VFamily of Permanent Resident, a visa issued to the family of a US Permanent Resident. Allows the family to come to the US to complete green card processing here. The family petition must have been filed before 21 December 2000 and the family must wait at least 3 years before this visa can be issued. 

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